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10PCS GPS 11B Reed Switch Plastic Type GPS-11B 11.5MM Anti-Vibration Damage Magnetic Switch NC Normally Closed

Price: 0.54 USD

2pcs/lot ALC662-GR ALC662 QFP laptop chip

Price: 0.58 USD

20PCS LM324 LM393 LM339 NE555 LM358 DIP LM358N LM324N LM339N LM393P NE555P CN Amplifier Circuit

Price: 0.03 USD

5PCS IR Infrared Line Track Follower Sensor TCRT5000 Obstacle Avoidanc AVR ARM PIC DC 5V

Price: 0.38 USD

2PCS KBPC2508 Rectifier Bridge Reactor KBPC2508 25A 800V Square Bridge

Price: 0.86 USD

20PCS LM324DR SOP14 LM324 SOP SMD LM324DR2G LM324DT SOP-14 new and original IC

Price: 0.04 USD

10PCS Tantalum capacitor type B 3528 patch 6V/10V/16V/25V/35V 10uF 1uF 106 2.2UF 3.3UF 4.7UF 22UF

Price: 0.09 USD

New DC-DC Step-down Constant Current Regulator Module 4-38v Input to 1.25-36v Output Adjustable Large Power 5A 75W Converter f

Price: 2.78 USD

20PCS 74HC595D 74HC595 SOP16 SOP SN74HC595DR SMD New original

Price: 0.92 USD

10pcs/lot CD4012BE CD4012 DIP14 new and Original in stock

Price: 0.18 USD

10PCS LM324N DIP14 LM324 DIP DIP-14 new and original IC

Price: 0.07 USD

50PCS MOSFET AO3400 AO3401/2N7002/S12301DS N Channel MOSFET SOT23 IRLML6402TRPBF

Price: 0.99 USD

10pcs 74HC74D SOP14 74HC74 SOP S74HC74DR SOP-14 S74HC74 SMD

Price: 0.09 USD

10PCS 3362P 101 201 501 102 202 502 103 203 503 104 204 504 105 Trimpo Trimmer Potentiometer 3362 500R 1K 2K 5K 10K 20K 50K 100K

Price: 0.06 USD

5PCS New Ultra-thin 5V Active Buzzer Alarm AC SOT 12MM*6.5MM 12065 Pitch 7.6mm MINI Active Piezo Buzzers

Price: 0.33 USD