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(10 pcs/lot) Waterproof 125Khz RFID EM4100 Proximity Smart Card with Serial No. for Access Control

Price: 0.42 USD

(10 pcs/lot) 13.56MHz RFID Tags Stickers Adhesive Label NFC MF1K S50 Proximity Smart Card for Aceess Control

Price: 0.5 USD

(6 pcs/lot) NFC Tags Stickers Ntag216 13.56mhz Rfid Smart Label for Samsung galaxy s5 Note3 Sony Nokia Nexus10 LG HTC Xiaomi

Price: 0.93 USD

(6 pcs/lot) NFC Smart Tags Sticker NDEF Ntag216 13.56mhz RFID Label for Samsung Galaxy S4 Nokia Nexus4 Sony xperia LG HTC Xiaomi

Price: 0.93 USD

1pc UID Key Tag Stickers Label RFID Tags Block 0 Writable 13.56Mhz Proximity Anti Metal Cards Rewritable Copy Clone Duplicate

Price: 1.58 USD

(5 pcs/lot) NFC Smart Stickers Tag Ntag216 13.56mhz RFID Label for Samsung Galaxy S5 Note3 HTC Sony Nokia Nexus7 Oppo LG Xiaomi

Price: 5 USD

(50 pcs/lot) 125Khz RFID Writable Smart Cards Clamshell T5557 Thick Proximity For Access Control RFID Copier

Price: 0.43 USD

(10 pcs/lot) ISO7816 RFID Contact SLE 4442 Chip PVC Smart Card

Price: 0.66 USD

(7 pcs/lot) NFC Stickers Tags Ntag216 13.56mhz Rfid Label for Samsung Note3 Galaxy S5 S4 Nokia Sony Xperia LG HTC Nexus4 Xiaomi

Price: 1 USD

DS1990A TM iButton Reader USB Plug and Play Reader +2pcs TM1990A-F5 Key Cards

Price: 39 USD

125Khz RFID Proximity Sensor USB EM4100 Card Reader + 2 Pcs RFID EM Card for Access Control-Adjustable Dial Switch Multi Formats

Price: 13.28 USD

7 Byte UID NFC Ntag213 Ntag216 Ntag215 Changeable Cards 13.56MHz RFID Rewritable Proximity Card Copy Clone Duplicate

Price: 8.4 USD

ISO14443A 13.56MHz USB RFID NFC Proximity Sensor Reader Writer + 2 Pcs Rfid Card Keyfobs+SDK+Software eReader V5.1

Price: 32.68 USD

(5 pcs/lot) 125Khz T5577 EM4305 Writable RFID Tags Stickers Rewritable Access Cards Label Duplicate Clone Anti Interference

Price: 1.64 USD

(50 pcs/lot) NFC Tags Stickers Ntag216 Card 13.56mhz RFID Smart Label for ALL NFC Smart Phone

Price: 0.36 USD