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Stock Available YHCHEM YMD-1S-2 Super Quality Wiped Film Molecular Distillation

Price: 81900 USD

Stock Available High Efficiency Hemp Oil Molecular Distillation Machine

Price: 45149 USD

YHCHEM New YMD-150 Updated Vacuum Film Molecular Distillation

Price: 45149 USD

Fully upgraded hemp oil wiped film molecular distillation system

Price: 43499 USD

Lab1st 6inch CBD oil Short path wiped film distillation system

Price: 37999 USD

Lab Equipment Vacuum Wipe Short Path Distillator for CBD Distillate

Price: 34649 USD

YHChem YMD-100 CBD Extraction Equipment Wiped Film Short Path Distiller Kits

Price: 27615 USD

YHChem YMD-080 High Precision Pilot Production Wilped Film Molecular Evaporator for CBD Oil Extraction

Price: 24885 USD

Tailor-Made 200L Double walled Cylindrical Jacketed Glass Reactor /biological bioreactor w High Borosilicate at wholesales price

Price: 16886 USD

Directly buy 200L Glass Reactor from Laboratory factory Multi-purpose Chemical Glass Stirred Reactor with Double-Neck W Teflon

Price: 16886 USD

200L Glass Reaction Kettle/Vessel 200L Jacketed Double layer Glass Reactor for Laboratory/Pharmaceuticals/Oil/Gum with Vacuum

Price: 16886 USD

200L Jacketed Chemical Glass Reactor, Glass Reactor

Price: 15748.95 USD

Office School Supplies Whiteboard Set Double Side Notice Dry Wipe Drawing Board

Price: 11000 USD

School Supplies Stand Wheels Magnetic Drawing Whiteboard

Price: 11000 USD

50L Automatic Dual Condensers Rotary Evaporator(Rotovap) with Chiller & Vacuum Pump

Price: 10699 USD