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5m Stainless Steel LCD Digital Tape Measure Circumferences Measuring Tape High Presion Digital Tape Measuring Ruler Tools

Price: 47.56 USD

Mini Pocket 1M Bandwidth 5M Sample Rate Digital Oscilloscope Kit Portable Ultra-small Digital Oscilloscope Handheld

Price: 36.45 USD

AN870 19999 Counts True-RMS Auto Range Digital Multimeter AC/DC Voltage Meter 831F

Price: 41.5 USD

Input reverse connection protection output short circuit protection digitally controlled DC adjustable power supply module

Price: 40.43 USD

Interchangeable Creative Magnifier 2.5X 5X 16X Magnifier Desktop Handheld With 6 LEDs Presbyopic Magnifying Glasses Magnifier

Price: 43.82 USD

Digital Multimeter With Analog Bar Graph Button 9999 Counts ACDC Voltage Ammeter Current Ohm AutoManual

Price: 45 USD

Digital ORP Test Pen Oxidation Reduction Potential Tester Display Pen Built-in Electrode ORP-BL Water Quality Tester Pen

Price: 44.03 USD

USR-TCP232-304 RS485 to Ethernet to serial port two-way transparent transmission server module with Built-in Webpage DHCP/DNS

Price: 33 USD

50mm Diameter Adjustable Stereo Microscope Stand Holder Articulating Arm Bracket Microscope Gear Accessories

Price: 36.99 USD

0-500pa Digital Analog high pressure differential pressure gauge Manometer gas with high precision and high quality pressure

Price: 48.8 USD

Digital Micrometer 0-25mm Electronic Outside Micrometer Carbide Tip 0.001mm Resolution Measuring Tools with Box

Price: 56.08 USD

DPS5015 Constant Voltage current Step-down Programmable digital Power Supply Voltage converter color LCD voltmeter 15A

Price: 46.86 USD

Double Tube Argon CO2 Gauge Pressure Regulator Mig Tig Flow Meter Control Valve Welding Gas Bubble Counter Aquarium Flowmeter

Price: 67.26 USD

Wireless Weather Station Colorful LCD Display Weather Forecast Barometer RCC Clock In/outdoor Home Thermometer Hygrometer Sensor

Price: 36.99 USD

UNI-T UT213A True RMS 400A Digital Clamp Meter ACDCResistanceCapacitanceFrequency Clamp Digital Multimeter

Price: 55.7 USD