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LG1311V-B2 LG1311 LG1311 bga 1pcs

Price: 16.5 USD

98944-2001 0989442001 CMC FEMALE MODUL 32 WAY BLACK CMC 98944 3PCS/lot

Price: 37.76 USD

LG1311-B1 LG1311 bga 1pcs

Price: 18.8 USD

HD64F7044F28 HD64F7044F28V 64F7044F28 QFP112 5PCS

Price: 14.08 USD

EP3C25Q240C8N 1PCS

Price: 16.8 USD

CXD4748GB CXD4748 CXD4748GB-1 bga 1pcs

Price: 14.4 USD

510H-P-2A-F-C L01 12VDC 54A 5PCS

Price: 20 USD

HX5272-D HX5272 qfp128 2pcs

Price: 14 USD

55140-3H-02-A sensor (Mr_Li)

Price: 13.23 USD

STONTRONICS Charger for RASPBERRYPI3 for use with any Raspberry Pi board power 2.5A

Price: 19.99 USD

FN9222B-6-07 Filters Beads and Chips (Mr_Li)

Price: 16.3 USD

MAX-M8Q-0-00 MAX-M8Q MAX-M8Q-0-01 QFN18 2pcs

Price: 13.4 USD

AD7731BN AD7731BNZ AD7731 DIP 1PCS

Price: 14.3 USD

kl5tw1111 qfp 1pcs

Price: 18 USD

SE1470-002 Optoelectronics (Mr_Li)

Price: 13.29 USD